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Halogen Bulbs - The ban, The bulb, and what you need to know!


Still available from The Lamp Company

Here at the Lamp Company we pride ourselves in holding stock that customers require, and one range of lamps that are still in high demand are halogens.

We still have extensive stocks of many of the old halogen ranges and these include MR8, MR11 & MR16 in a range of voltages, wattages and finishes and we also have many versions of the linear range in stock in different lengths, voltages and wattages.

Sadly once these stocks have been exhausted they will be gone forever, so if you have an enquiry for a halogen product or a customer that prefers halogen over LED give us a call as it may be something we have on our shelf ready for despatch. 

 The ever popular Halogen spots bulbs are no doubt going fast, but we still have; Any many more
Our range of capsule bulbs are still availible, but remember once they are gone, they are gone. We still have;
And more...

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