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Replacement LED Chip Set Requirements.


As a rule of thumb when you experience failing LED chips on a circuit board it indicates the end of life, especially if they have exceeded the manufacturers guarantee or the chips appear to have discoloured. To ensure good colour consistency and minimise future maintenance costs it`s good practice to replace all the LED circuit boards and control gear.

There are many LED manufacturers with 100s of options. LED is constantly being updated so finding an exact match proves almost impossible. If you can advise as much information as requested below we are confident we can find a solution at a viable cost.


  1. Dimensions and shape of the circuit board.
  2. Chip set pattern (ideally a drawing/picture showing the amount and configuration)
  3. Colour temperature
  4. Ideal luminosity
  5. Pictures showing board, driver and fitting.
  6. Driver details
  7. Is it an emergency light?
  8. Does it need to be dimmable


No Minimum order and bespoke options are available.

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