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A Day In The Life of Our Picker Dave


Every day we ship thousands of orders from our warehouse, and with over a 30,000 different lines in stock, you can bet getting your order right is our number one priority.

This is where Dave steps in, Dave is our go-to guy for picking your orders and getting them ready to ship out to you. We thought we would give you an insight into how much work Dave does on a day to day basis, so we recorded his steps through the last full week before Christmas, and it turned up some pretty impressive results.

See for yourself;

Day Miles Steps
Monday 12.66 28,325
Tuesday 14.66 32,565
Wednesday 13.33 29,771
Thursday 15 33,179
Friday 12.76 28,282

As you can see, from just a 9-5, 5 day week, Dave traveled 68 miles around the warehouse, all to ensure your orders go out on time

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  • Lampco Staff