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Ultra Violet (UV) Lighting

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Here at the Lamp Company we can supply and source a large quantity of Low Pressure Mercury UV-C Germicidal Lamps and the associated electronic ballasts.

Such lamps can be used for disinfection purposes in a variety of situations. E.G. killing viruses (including COVID 19). We are seeing lots of new lighting applications which are designed to bathe objects, such as buses or ambulances in UV-C light in order to kill germs/viruses.


Each lamp must be paired with an equivalent supply of an appropriate electronic ballast.


UVC Germicidal Light-What is it and How does it Work?

What is UV-C germicidal UV Light?

Ultraviolet light is part of the light spectrum, which is classified into three wavelength ranges:

  • UV-C, from 100 nanometers (nm) to 280 nm
  • UV-B, from 280 nm to 315 nm
  • UV-A, from 315 nm to 400 nm

How does UV-C germicidal UV Light work?


UV-C light is germicidal – i.e. it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.


Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. In this method of disinfection, nothing is added which makes this process simple, inexpensive and requires very low maintenance. Ultraviolet purifiers utilize germicidal lamps that are designed and calculated to produce a certain dosage of ultraviolet (usually at least 16,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter but many units actually have a much higher dosage.) The principle of design is based on a product of time and intensity – you must have a certain amount of both for a successful design.

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